Subject Line Trends from Big Brands

Subject Lines are key when it comes to increase open rates.

What are big brands doing to get more people to open their emails?

I have identified some trends from email marketers to lift the bar of conversions.

Are you looking for inspiration?
Do you want some ideas?
Do you want to see what others are doing?

Let’s have a look to what these big guys are doing Be inspired but… think twice, do not go and copy, use those ideas to test what you believe it will work best for your audience.
Stay away from boring subject lines!

Bad examples of subject lines

Price or discounts

1. Using cheap prices to get attention

Subject Line Example: Old Navy
Old Navy is using a discounted price and symbols to increase their open rates. Clothes for $12? Who can resist?


2. Using symbols seems to be the new trend

I have a few examples of companies fighting for your inbox attention.

A popular University in Australia (UTS) is using a hashtag as the title for their newsletter.

Personalised Content

Personalised content on emails
Qantas is sending me personalised content, I have been searching for flights to LA so the subject line includes the destination that I am interested in.

Promotions, specially for you

Promotions: specially for you
Email promotions, specially for you on a special day: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Promotions with a deadline

Promotional email with a CTA
Promotions with a sense of urgency in the subject line are trendy. Normally these subject lines include a clear CTA that is explained before the email is opened.

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