How to start Blogging for Professional Branding in less than one hour

Are you in a new journey to get yourself started with a blogging strategy for professional branding?

Let’s do this together… Blogging is easier and harder than ever. What makes it easier is what makes it harder!

You might have a lot of questions and you might feel that you are not ready. Let’s cover all the questions that you might have so you can get started ASAP.

Blogging for professional branding

Common questions are:

  • Where to start?
  • What to blog about?
  • Who would read what I have to say?
  • When am I finding time?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Where to start?

    We have many options to get ourselves started.

    • Create our own blog in our own domain.
    • Create a blog in our company’s website.
    • Use a free blog on blogger, wordpress or other.
    • Write as a guest blogger
    • Publish your posts on LinkedIn
    • Write on Google+
    • Write for your Online Community

    We have multiple options and depending on what we decide there would be other decisions that you would have to make that I will cover in detail later. One example is: If you decide to create your own blog you might need to buy a new domain, host it, etc. etc.

    My recommendation: Get started ASAP! Now! Today! Do not overthink it!

    If you are brand new to blogging just start, write and start simple. You can get your first blog post ready and published in less than one hour.

    It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the best piece that you have ever written but you would accomplish your goal and you will become a blogger in less than one hour.

    Get started quote

    You will start showing to the world that you are a subject matter expert in your chosen area. Remember, it is all about professional branding.

    You don’t need to have your own domain or your own blog, you can publish your first post on LinkedIn. It is also good to get yourself started on an online community since you will get some interactions from your network, your friends or colleagues might like what you say and you will start to get noticed. It also stays there as part of your profile.

    What to blog about?

    There is 100 things that you could blog about. If you are blogging for professional branding I am thinking that you would like to use this space to position yourself as an expert in your industry or as subject matter expert.

    Position yourself as an expert in your industry

    Say for example that you are a marketer who works in the healthcare industry you might want to write about things that are relevant for your industry. If you decide to do this, you might would have to be careful with your company’s secrets. You can talk about trends in the industry or best practices be careful with the privacy agreement that you have signed with your company.

    Become a specialist in one subject

    If you have become a specialist in one subject, you might choose to talk about those areas. In my case for example, I could choose to talk everything that I know about Adwords, Google Analytics or Marketo and become a Marketo Guru who shares every single little thing that I know about the platform.

    Become a trusted professional advisor

    You could become that trusted person that people in your same profession look at as an inspiration. You could also talk about the challenges that professionals like yourself have to go through, share your learnings or give tips. Tips could be things such as:

    – Useful tools for professionals in your industry
    – Relevant dates
    – Suggested training or readings

    Important things to consider when you choose what to blog about

    Consider where you want to take your career to with this blogging strategy. If you are thinking of a career change you might want to start writing about those subjects that interest you.

    Use this opportunity to shine. Share your knowledge and offer something that adds value.

    Be careful when sharing personal stories that could put you in a difficult situation. You might want to share stories that have great learnings that involve sharing the internal laundry of your company, think about this twice, it could compromise your job and the way future employers think of you.

    Who would read what I have to say?

    This is a great question. Identifying your audience is the key element for your success. Let’s face it, we want to write because we want to be read so identifying who would like to read what we have to say is important. This is also

    When am I finding my time?

    My priority list

    You have to be aware that you are not going to find time. There is always something else to do, something more urgent, something more important. Your writing can always go at the bottom of your list when it comes to priorities, unless you make it important. Remember, you have to make time. Make a commitment to yourself. Treat it as a work deadline. You are doing it to help your career, this is important to you so…

    – Define a day for your writing
    – Come to work early one day or stay late
    – Wake up earlier and do it from home
    – Use your commuting time

    There is always ways to find a time if you decide that this is important to you.

    What are the benefits?

    What's in it for me?
    The benefits of blogging for your professional branding are enormous. As I have mentioned before, it is an opportunity for you to position yourself as an expert in your industry, be a trusted source of information, improve your personal branding, have a voice and share your opinions, be found online, it is good for your LinkedIn profile, etc.

    On top of this and in my humble opinion, I believe that the most important thing is that this is an opportunity to share your knowledge and help others.

    You do not have an idea of how many people could be reached by blogging and not only that, this is a great way to make an impact and a contribution to your community so if you have decided to get yourself started for a ‘selfish’ reason such as improving your professional branding or increasing your employment opportunities keep in mind that the best method to increase your reputation is by sharing, sharing the love for your profession, sharing your secrets that will make someone else’s job easier or more enjoyable.

    The benefits will be uncountable and you will be able to discover them shortly if you get yourself started.

    I you have started and you want to share where you are blogging and how your journey looks like, please feel free to share it here with us. I will be sharing my journey in the post below.

    Happy Blogging!

    Karina Guerra
    Marketing Automation Guru
    (planning to share my knowledge on Engagement Marketing on my blogging for professional branding journey)

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